How to Convert QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Pro

Intuit basically allows for QuickBooks Pro and Premier Software to get converted to QuickBooks Enterprise, but, the opposite, that is, QuickBooks Enterprise of QuickBooks Pro is not supported by them. However, if the user is in dire need to downgrade their software from QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Pro, then they can perform the function by getting in touch with third-party agencies which do have application for the same. They are able to convert all the required and confidential data stored within the software from QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Pro which basically allows a user to start their financial tasks from the same section they left off without requiring any adjustment of the data.

The user can function on their New QuickBooks Pro software as soon as the next business day from the date of the conversion with an additional option of having the file ready on the same day as well. Many third-party agencies offer the conversion solution in a sectional area on the home page only with details like conversion request form, purchase related data along with extra details in terms with the link for the company file to be sent to. Once the agency completes the conversion of the company file from Enterprise to Pro process, they transfer over the same to the user who can then open the company file with their installed QuickBooks Pro version which will be further displayed with same format and preferences chosen with QuickBooks Enterprise software.

It is quite uncommon for users to convert from Enterprise to Pro version of QuickBooks, however, there are special cases wherein the user is perforce to convert and downgrade to Pro version some of which are listed below:

  • The user is initially provided a free copy of Enterprise version (probably as promotion aspect) and now a lot of confidential data is stored as the user has employed it for over a year. However, when the time came to subscribe and make proper payments, the amount charged was out of budget for the user.
  • The user was processing with QuickBooks Pro version only. However, when they outsourced the financial activities out of the business, the consultant upgraded to Enterprise platform. The problem arose when the books were brought back into the company but the license for QuickBooks Enterprise is not there with the company.
  • The user was provided with QuickBooks Enterprise software; however, they do not require such professional software with so many features and thus would like to shift to QuickBooks Pro software.

All the above-mentioned scenarios have been faced by many businesses across the globe, but the solution of downgrading from QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Pro is not available within the software, as opposed to the process of upgrading QuickBooks Pro or Premier to QuickBooks Enterprise.

To complete this process, the only option is to connect with third party agencies as Intuit does not support downgrading of any Enterprise edition down to QuickBooks Pro. In order to this process, a user will have to first connect with an appropriate agency and follow the instructions relayed by them. Generally, the steps illustrated below are followed by most of the agencies:

  • Locate and send over the latest QuickBooks Enterprise company file through a secure network server.
  • Inform the agency to convert the Enterprise file to QuickBooks Pro edition for the user’s choice of version.
  • Once the file conversion is complete, the agency will send the file back through the same server.
  • Now open the QuickBooks Pro company file with the QuickBooks Pro software installed in the system.
  • Verify that all the data like reports, recorded transactions, customers/vendors list etc are displayed correctly.

Connecting with such third-party agencies is taking a gamble full of risks, however, they can save thousands of dollars along with time if the process is completed correctly. An alternative to this method is by generating a completely new company file for QuickBooks Pro and then import excel and spreadsheet data over from QuickBooks Enterprise. If you face any problem during this process you can call on QuickBooks customer support team from Intuit. In the scenario user is unable to connect due to the long queue, they can try to call on other support agencies. One such agency is called RemoteAccounting247 that can be contacted through QuickBooks Toll-Free Number +1-800-961-6588 or browse the website – for online chat support.

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