Sage Payment Solutions: Customer Services

Sage Payment Solutions

Sage Payment Solutions is related to the merchant account provider. It primarily focuses on serving small and mid-sized business companies and offers various products that appeal to new businesses. For example, Sage Mobile Payments solution provides a mobile-only account with monthly contracts.


  • Direct, Large processor
  • Full range of the products as well as services


  • Liquidated damages the clause to cancel the account

Sage Payment Solutions: Products and Services

  • Merchant accounts: As a direct processor, the advantage of Sage Payment Solutions is that you can avoid confusion of whether the merchant account provider or a third-party is responsible for any given issue.


  • Countertop terminals: It provides a wide range of EMV-compliant terminals that is the capability for different payment methods, especially mobile payment method. The terminals are displayed to be as available either through lease or direct sale. As the pricing is concealed for every model, it is recommended not to lease a terminal.


  • Mobile payments: Sage Mobile Payments app is available both for Android and iOS when signing up. You also get a mobile card reader that has to be attached to the tablet or Smartphone. You are required to have a merchant to use this app. Note that you will be under a monthly and separate contract for using this service.


  • Payment gateway: It also has the proprietary Sage Payment Gateway particularly for eCommerce merchants. It can integrate with some well known online shopping carts like WooCommerce and Shopify.


  • Virtual terminal: It also offers the Sage Virtual Terminal which allows the users to turn the computer into a credit card terminal. The transactions may be manually entered or by using a USB-connected card reader.


  • eCheck payment processing: It also offers several other products to facilitate payment via both papers as well as electronic checks.


Sage Payment Solutions Customer Service

Remoteaccouting247 offers email and telephone support 24/7 for Sage Payment Solutions. We provide significant quality online knowledgebase that can come in handy while resolving minor technical errors or problems that may arise while managing business.

If you are experiencing any issue with Sage Payment Solutions, contact the Remoteaccounting24/7 Sage Support Team experts.

Our Services Include:

  • A dedicated Sage Payment Solution expert to help you resolve any technical issue.
  • An experienced Sage accounting expert to personally assist you in running or performing any accounting task.
  • We provide error prevention tips so that you run your business efficiently without any error or issue.
  • We can assist you in creating a chargeback reduction plan.
  • Step-by-step guidelines and remedies on how to strengthen the Sage Payment Solution process and boost your business.

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You can easily reach to our Sage accounting support team via any of the following modes:


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