Sage Human Resource Management System Software

Sage HRMS Software

Sage HRMS software is the perfect human resource management solution for both small and midsized companies. Incorporated with payroll benefits, employee self-service, recruiting, and analytics potentialities, Sage HRMS assists you to maximize your business and double the investment in employees.

Sage HRMS software abolishes ambiguity by giving you matchless views of the workforce at micro and macro levels by allowing you to safely share the data with managers and executives.

Sage HRMS Software Products and Services

The Sage HRMS software comprises all the essentials you require for reliable and efficient human resource management. A centralized database includes all the historic and present information about the non-active and active employees of the company.

Sage HRMS is the single source service for sound employee registration, administration, employee life-cycle management, analysis, and all other fundamental employee associated information.

The solution comprises of inclusive benefits administration and addresses all of the compliance reporting requirements, absence tracking, time-off, and powerful import & export functions. An intuitive user interface offers quick access to information and is generated with your daily processes and tasks in mind.

The multi-level safety options allow you to manage or view information. You can also expand Sage HRMS with added functionality to provide further support to your organization.

Key Functionality of Sage HRMS

  • A better way to manage: Sage HRMS empowers the Human Resource department to vigorously support organizational objectives while enhancing HR efficiency. Streamline and integrate your Human Resource processes and closely supervise personnel actions, employee records, HR compliance, absence management, benefits administration, reporting, and data export or import.
  • Reporting: It keeps your employees involved and satisfied which is significant for enhancing workforce retention, diminishing employee turnover costs, and developing ROI. Sage HRMS can assists you convey the analytics to support executives and managers examine trends, help company decisions, and prepare for upcoming organizational changes.

Exceptional Features OF Sage HRMS

  1. Quick Access to Information: Allow the employees to review pay history, request time off, update contact data with just a few clicks and prevent HR for assistance.
  2. Inclusive Benefits: Track limitless benefits plans, define eligibility criteria, create reports, calculate precise employee automatically, and employer premium & benefits costs.
  3. Applicant Recruiting & Tracking: Sage HRMS Cyber Recruiter is an inbuilt web-accessible tool that is completely paperless, configurable, and process-oriented perfect recruiting software result for your organization.
  4. Carrier Connectivity: Cut the complexity and costs benefits administration by safely automating the interaction of employee benefits enrollment information.
  5. Paperless Web-related Forms: Execute any action from an appeal from hire to termination consists of status performance and changes appraisals.
  6. Alerts and Workflow: Recognizes and responds to circumstances that fall outside of a company’s standard operating process like a contract to expire, an employee recurring from a leave.
  7. FMLA and Time-Off Management: A full set of features suppliers for all sorts of FMLA and time-off leave tracking, comprising incident-based time off, jury duty, bereavement, and medical leave.
  8. Organizational Charts: Sage HRMS potentiality includes printing, sharing, chart creation, customization, integrated data management, publishing, and schedule updates

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