Sage Backup Not Working or Failed

age Backup Not Working

Maintaining a backup file of essential documents in any device or system is very essential. Once you set up the schedule, you can easily manage the backups and view the verified data outcome for all the organizations within the Backup Manager. It is highly recommended to regularly verify the backup manager to make sure that no errors are encountered in the long run. Although, Sage software is known for its outstanding functional and exceptional features, at times the Sage backup not working and uncertain errors displays, creating hurdles in the work environment.

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Causes of Sage Backup Not Working

  • The confirmation procedure of the Sage backup extracted the company files.
  • But the connection manager (CM) is required in order to open the database.
  • If the backup setting is a network attached storage device, the Connection Manager cannot even be installed.
  • The verification process always fails.
  • Unfortunately, not selecting the verification at the time of the backup process incurs this warning message.
  • Location saved is not reachable through the backup wizard.
  • The Internet connection disconnected or failed, therefore the CM is not running.


  • You can carry on using the location NAS and you can overlook the warning message.
  • You can backup in a different way, using a substitute method.

Solution I: Start Connection Manager

  1. Click the Windows start menu and enter “Sage 50 Connection Manager
  2. Click and start the program
  3. Select the “Start service”
  4. Start your backup

Solution II: Third party backup

  1. Once you identify the default setting of your weekly or daily automatic backups.
  2. Use the Windows backup or some another third party software for content backup of the backups file to the NAS

Solution III: Backup is saved in the restricted Program folder

  1. Go to Sage backup window.
  2. Adjust the backup folder location
  3. Click the OK button.

Solution IV: When restoring a backup, Restore failed by utilizing a WinZip program

  1. Un-install the Winzip program to change the backup file back into a cab file.
  2. If the restoring fails, then the backup data might be incomplete or corrupt.
  3. Perform another backup method
  4. If Winzip is required, re-install it after this process

Solution V: Run Sage as Administrator

  1. Right-click on Sage software on the start menu, and then choose Run as Administrator
  2. Permit to User Account Control timely to agree on the program to run

Solution VI: Compatibility problem with Windows.

  1. Right-click on the Sage Accounting icon and select Properties.
  2. Select the Compatibility tab.
  3. Verify the ‘Compatibility mode’ segment to Run this software in compatibility mode
  4. Click OK.

 Solution VII: The organization file location or folder is Damaged

  1. Copy the organization file to a separate folder
  2. Open the file and create the backup.
  3. Check if you can back up the file

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