Connect Your Bank to Online Payroll

Connect Your Bank to Online Payroll

QuickBooks provides online payroll service that helps businesses pay their employee and file taxes on time through e-pay online. Connecting your bank with QuickBooks online payroll is quite easy and can be done both automatically and manually.

Connecting your bank to QuickBooks online payroll is the first essential step before you can start paying your employees through direct deposit in their bank. Here is a quick rundown of the steps to set up your bank account with QuickBooks Payroll.

Connecting Bank Account Manually to QuickBooks Online Payroll

QuickBooks have 8 banks as partners to which they provide easy, automatic connectivity. To connect with other banks, a regular verification process is to be taken up separately with the bank.

It generally takes up to 3 business days to set up the connection.

QuickBooks users are eligible to automatically connect their payroll to a bank account in QuickBooks.

How to connect QB automatically to your bank:

  • When a payroll bank account is not already set up, QuickBooks prompts first timers to set up a direct deposit and use e-pay. Alternatively, a bank account can be connected to payroll by going in the settings option.
  • Select your bank name from the drop down
  • To connect your payroll and bank account, banking credentials have to be added
  • Click Connect securely
  • Click on the account you want to use and click Next
  • Check and confirm the bank details and click Next
  • The last field is about verifying the information about your company’s principal officer and then click Finish.

Now you are all set to use your bank account for direct deposit and e-pay the payroll taxes.

QuickBooks uses a small test debit and credit transaction to verify that all the routing information given during setup is correct.

How To Connect Bank Account Manually With Quickbooks

To connect:

  • Select Workers > Employees > Add Employee
  • Select Direct deposit in How do you want to pay (employee name)
  • Enter account type, accounting no., routing code, and confirm > Select Done & Select Next to finish direct deposit setup
  • Select Get started to fill in the bank info by Choosing your bank.
  • Enter Banking User ID and Password > Select Connect securely
  • The system establishes a secure connection with your bank
  • Select the account in Use this account section > and Click Next
  • Confirm principal officer’s details > select Submit
  • You will see a message – “You’ve successfully connected your bank account”, Just click on Done

How To Troubleshoot A Still Not Active Account For Direct Deposit?

There may be several reasons for a bank account not connecting to your QuickBooks account, primary ones include:

  • Check if your bank details are correct or in case an invalid bank account is selected
  • Sometime bank may flag a test transaction or there is no balance in the account

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