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QuickBooks Payroll Employee Information

QuickBooks software has made work simpler and easier for businesses. From managing invoices and sales registers to payrolls, QuickBooks enterprises offer the users a great many advantages. The QuickBooks customer Support team comprises of experts who untangle any technical issues that may arise while operating the software. Different editions of QuickBooks Enterprises can handle any industry, including contractors, non-profit organizations, retail Sector, Manufacturing industries, and wholesale dealers. With the customized version, it is easier to personalize it to the user’s convenience.

A detailed guide that comes with the product or a call to the QuickBooks Technical Support can provide relevant product-related information. However, in case you are looking to change employee payroll information, the following steps will guide you through the process:

Changing Employee Payroll Information:

QuickBooks Enterprises allows you to change employee information at any point of time. Things like a change in marital status, or payroll changes can be done easily on the software and store it for further use at a later stage. To do this, the employee should have a profile created and stored in the software database. (Employee form or a W-4 form or a State allowance form is mandatory for the changes to be made to the employee payroll information.)
All personal information, State taxes, earnings and so on, can be changed on the software. Certain information like Medicare, Federal unemployment tax and several such additional details which cannot be changed at the user’s end can be done by placing a call to the QuickBooks customer support team.

To change Employee details:

  • Click on the ‘EMPLOYEES CENTER’ on the top of the home screen (software) and click on ‘EMPLOYEES’
  • The tab will open up a list of employees those who have been added to the system.
  • Check the name of the employee for whom the changes are to be made and double on the EMPLOYEE NAME for whom the changes are to be made.
  • Now, once selected, again click on the ‘CHANGE TABS’ arrow and select what information you need to change. For instance, if you require changing PAYROLL AND COMPENSATION, click on that information.
  • For changing any other personal information like marital status, etc., click on PERSONAL TAB and select the information you need to change. Click OK once the changes are done.
  • For any other information, such as Taxes, click on the appropriate box to make the changes.
  • Do not forget to click ‘OK’ at the end of each change, to SAVE the information added or deleted or changed.

In case of any errors occurring during the editing process or at any time while making the changes, call in the QuickBooks technical support team t our toll-free number +1-800-961-6588 for further details. The Tech support offers instant assistance to any problem related to the QuickBooks and its ancillary product.

QuickBooks enterprise is one of the most multifaceted and resourceful accounting and payroll software that can make the job easier for everyone around. Call in the QuickBooks customer support team for more details on the products, customizable options available and also on the new versions of the product that can support your requirements.

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