How to enter cash sales in sage 50?

cash sale in sage 50

Sage 50 is the most popular accounting applications for the middle business. It has the capacity of handling accounting system like cash sales in sage 50 of entire organization easily and keeps tracking of all the accounts related work to the company. In fact, the middle and small companies are switching to Sage 50 for accounting purpose since it provides the organization with various benefits, various additional features and tools that make the work much convenient and faster.

The Cash sales function in Sage 50 accounting support software has the capacity to manage all essential transaction simultaneously without working individually for each transaction. Sage 50 automatically adjust your stocks, transactions, invoices, updates, all financial assets, once you are completed with sales order or invoices. This function makes your work easier so that you can also concentrate on some other work.

Step to Enter Cash Sale in Sage 50:

If you are facing the problem that even after paying for an item there are no record or/invoices, the simplest way to get accurate data and invoices is to enter a cash sales in sage 50.

  1. Go to the Tasks menu > Choose to Receive Money
  2. In the Receive Money window, mention a check or the reference number for the transaction. It should be your personal customer’s check number. Also avoid using CASH for reference, if it is for more than one transaction.
  3. Under the Cash Account tab, select the bank account where the receipt is deposited.
  4. If you are active to Hide General Ledger Accounts, the cash Account displays only the names of cash accounts.
  5. Accept the referred Deposit Ticket ID, if you want to record deposit tickets under Receive Money window. You can also keep trace deposit ticket Ids in Select for Deposit window.
  6. Choose the Apply to Revenue field > Enter items on the receipt: In case, if the Apply to Revenue field is mainly focused, you have the option to enter the amount in the particular Receipt Amount tab and Sage 50 manually enter in the Apply to Revenue tab. This is useful for the user who doesn’t want to enter any information’s about the receipts in said line items
  7. If you want to maintain age in the receipt, choose the Apply to Revenues field and the new items on the list. Make sure that you selected age is the receivable retain age ledger account by entering the reserved amount as a negative number. With this, they will make sure that the retained age is properly tracked.
  8. If you want to print and save for the future record, you can simply click on the print button otherwise click save.

For additional support:

Here are the solutions suggested above by Sage 50 technical support team, which will resolve your queries, issues, and doubts about entering cash sale in Sage. In case, you still have some queries regarding the issue, you can get in touch with our technical team.

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